Announcement 1/2020


Marketing and products 

In these last years with the increase of online sales (eg. on websites,...) unfortunately in our market some improvised  "traders" introduced themselves, which are unable to choose the quality but their only interest is profit.

Very often come to us some queries of estimates to sell our products, that we naturally reject, but that we had never reported publicly.


Our company works since 1973 exclusively in the automotive so that today we boast a warehouse of over 2000 square meters of stocks and replacements, that we sell all over the world. (About 15000 originals or reproduced molds).


A lot of "traders" develop moderns websites with beautifuls photos but, sadly, the quality of a product can't be valued in one photo. Really often textiles are not pf good quality because they are produced (eg. parasole) in Eastern countries, the same also with seals and tires that, produced in India with waste materials, then they tend to swell in warehouses. Not to mention the mechanical parts that, even with a lot of experience, you never stop learning.


With that we want to reassure customers and warn them from these sellers. We of the Laram we aren't traders but artisans and passionate producers . 

ferrari maserati lamborghini lancia fiat alfaromeo innocenti renault macchine vintage old car rivenditore ricambi d'epoca Italian vintage car


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