LARAM of Polacci Franco is situated in Sassuolo in province of Modena, 10 km from Maranello where were born the most famous cars of all time and known all over the world.
Place where the artisans of the trade aren't lacking that have the capacities to invent  by tying work, passion, inventiveness and ability: essential to get a high quality result .

Some brands:

  • Alfa Romeo, FIAT and Lancia

  • Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini

  • Autobianchi, Innocenti and Abarth

Vintage Auto Parts, Production and Assembly
We are a society that since 1973 works exclusively in the automotive sector.

LARAM has really proved itself particularly sensitive to the high quality of its products professionalism and competence.

Experience maturated during the years units to the passion, allow us to be able to provide  whatever item in a short time even for the small production where we are highly specialysed.

ferrari maserati lamborghini lancia fiat alfaromeo innocenti renault macchine vintage old car rivenditore ricambi d'epoca Italian vintage car


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LARAM di Polacci Franco

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CEL: (337) 58.80.44
FAX:   (0536) 80.60.41

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